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Related article: Date : Tue, June 22, 2010 November 18 49 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Tom Stone u003cstone90045 yahoo. com u003e Subject: broken condom broken condom With Tom Stone ~ stone90045 yahoo. com u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e \\ \\ n This is just a story. I encourage you to participate in safe sex always, having a the condom, wrap your willy, etc, etc n "The choice of safer sex for you and your partner reduces the risk of no sexually transmitted diseases including HIV - you can get answers to your safe sex questions, courtesy of the staff of the Clinic in the city of SF, " do not read this if you are under of age is illegal to do so in the area of ​​ where you live. I know what is politically incorrect, I know I have a totally selfish bastard. " asshole, bastard son of a bitch, selfish, shit - head... " I have said that all... and makes me smile a little inside... Still act contrite and worried... but it must be You know, it's pretty well planned. See, here 's the thing, and that's where I am in trouble with theNumber of children... Damn, I like to use condoms. I am a pure top. I tried with is a long time to be good and Preteen Nude Models use condoms... I did. It really is me... It is a skin of the skin, but beyond that, I love the idea of ​​putting my sperm in a man... It's kind of domain, primary, animal or territory must select something... I know, I know it's fucked up - again, I am quite clear that n and selfish and stupid.. y... Now the other thing... I prefer the guys who insist shit fucked with a condom, as they tend to be very of awareness of health and kept clean and free of errors, which are all safe. I'm sure we'll see a lot of mistakes in my logic, knowledge and yes, I n... but... They are also very likely to see the meaning of what I say, at the same time... fuck a guy who is very diligent in his stay safe sex makes sure... provides plenty of safe sex. And it looks to the setIts seeds from a guy who had in some cases never to shoot a man in it before it's very exciting... As in the Thursday night I met a man on the line, and come. I have a pretty good sized penis, perseverance and staying in really good shape. I am forty years, but look at the mid- thirties. your name s was Tim, in his late 20s, large body float, smooth, blond, and very hot. In his announcement that he had underlined, in capital letters and bold "SAFE ONLY " n , adding four or five exclamation points behind it... Perfect I thought, a man after my own heart. Ja, ja, When he arrived, we are entitled to it. His clothes and stroked his cock hard in no time, he returned the favor. He whispered and purred when she saw my cock. I licked the shaft and balls generous, , but not blow me out of fear, pre-cum in the mouth. I gave additional pure condom, turned my dick hard, and I turned around the dog and slowly sank my cock into her andinsistently. Gasped moaning and screaming over and over again. I Tim was leaning over the couch, my hard cock thrashing away condomed in the ass. He groaned and moaned like a whore bitch. And at this point I need a little difficult... To begin, s all the way and jam all the way back against the powerful. I like to take my time with him, annoy your ass - pussy -hole kissing the tip of the cock of her sphincter, tapping the cock in her back door and stuck hard in its entirety, n in a blow - the mixture to keep the dog guessing, on tiptoe. And then. Then I cut the tip of the condom. In one of my made ​​up of lines, donkeys - Jokes lips, usually going to get to my jam his left thumb in the ass, with his right hand, a small pair of pinking close curtains to maintain, manage my dick near my left hand and pull the higher condom firmly enough to cut the top. When I got to play with my emphasis touch again, and after a few strokes, combined with condomThe base of my cock. Embraces the condom firmly built into the base of my cock, only adds stimulation. And now I'm an ass that never n barefucking barefucked above. I mean the bitch, and fuck hard and deep, and the responses Tim are somewhat typical " barefucked forever?" "Hell, no! " I tell him I did my friend, who died last year used barefuck n a car accident (usually pulls " drunk driving " by sympathy, even more), , and since we were together for 5 years were completely faithful to safe, and how good it was and how it was such a profound way the connection. and then I have to ask to play and asked me to shoot my load on it, fuck oil, makes my dog... In short everything you 're asking and begging and gambling. I have now my dick in her about 15 minutes and at least half the time n, unnoticed by him, so I 'm fucking gross. I more or less quickly and turn around and the damn face to face s, theReflection of the knee around the ears or around my waist I n to a deeper to get stronger. I love to see the bitch in the face as my cock is always rough, asked me to shoot my load deep in her ass. And Tim was a great fuck. I looked deeply into my eyes as he asked my burden, this is a real need, I can see in his eyes, was for a time before condoms were so is needed, he really wanted this kind of respect, was not aware of what , exactly what they will receive. We kissed, my cock was more and more and more and in its warm, soft mouth, anal dense. Her eyes bored into me as I built n cum in the next... I looked closely, and built toward a climax as well. And started running. I tell you to shoot a huge load, and the form Tim I was so excited, by his insistence on "cum awakened to I " " You shoot the enormous heat load in my ass "... etc I can only assume he felt my hot cum met him three shots and then some, five, seven... decreases nine, eleven, I continued dumping their successes, their eyes go up and then just run in big convulsive clinging to download my cock. shows his face that he had a great climax and somewhat unusual, tail now it feels different, sorry. He never felt like a man download it, so it is not sure that's what I felt, so that read the face is Preteen Nude Models the curiosity and interest and some relief. to continue slowly pumping her ass, pulling my cock in and out, while wrap my arms around him, he is about, I want to shoot him. I can see, I want to ask to check the condom, but not s. They may be afraid of what might be the answer, you may not want to fuck Stop this big you will get from me. Y n in the shortest possible time all of me ew disturbing his ass hammered with my dick in the rough. And this time it took me longer than before, and when he cum up the ass once again, another heavy load. When I finally pull, he sees the condom " broke", and scary. Do not you feel? He asks, I make an excuse: "Sorry, were so close, I really Preteen Nude Models did not know " or something like that... You know I always lie, but some let me get away with it, some call me names, get some physical and really angry, but most of... Most call me a name or two, and then leave or calm. I say that I often tried, and I'm clean. And then... then down, and if they remain CLAMED to play with a beer and some more... My real challenge begins... I try to convince a them, fuck that I have done this time without a condom... "Since I cum as inside - twice what is the difference," You will be surprised how many times they let me take the premiums after your all that.
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